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Colette Miller created the Global Angel Wings Project in 2012, in the streets of Los Angeles, the City of Angels. They were painted to remind humanity that we are the angels of this earth.
They are human sized interactive street art, wings that people take photos with and thus become part of the art.
The first pair were painted illegally but the response was natural, immediate, and spontaneous - from people of all sorts and backgrounds, both those who were photographed and those who asked for the wings.
Colette has painted wings globally - Kenya, Australia, Taiwan, France, Cuba, Juarez Mexico, and more, and many in the USA.
Though some are commissioned and others gifted, the wings themselves are free to the world, never owned by anyone, not even Colette, though they are of her provenance and her work.

The philosophies of nature and mankind are universal. Humanity craves beauty, love, acceptance, enlightenment and faith in the human race. We all desire it and can attain it if we believe in ourselves. Every soul in this universe is a star. Find your inner light. It's a lifelong quest that's actually worth it.

To inquire about Colette's artwork, please call at 310-213-9999 or EMAIL

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